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My name is Darby Powell. I live in Jacksonville, Florida and I’m an independent filmmaker.

For me, there was always a dream; the dream, really, a dream that lives in the world of light, and color, and sound, and shadow, and motion;  the world of film-making.

I’ve always believed that for every one of us, “Life,” with a capital L, is an epic event- That just existing on this planet is in itself a compelling story. But we are all so busy living that we don’t stop to recognize it.  It’s all there right in front of us: love, pain, joy, struggle, triumph – the things that we experience every day.  People may consider themselves “ordinary,” but life is never ordinary. Life- any life – is epic- the story is there, just waiting to be told, just waiting for the storyteller. And from that universal and intrinsic human perspective will my films emerge- captured through the amazing medium of digital cinema.

So, where will this road take me? That’s a great question. But at the start of any adventure, does anyone ever really know where the road will lead, or where it will end? Because where I’m going there are no maps, no markers. The heart is my compass, the stars are my guide.  But what I can do is invite you to walk with me a while; so that somewhere along the way, we might discover together what is truly epic in us all.