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This fall, Lagrange Point Pictures will be announcing its very first Kickstarter Film Project! ┬áSome of you probably already know which story it is, since I have a big mouth and can’t keep anything a secret.


Where we are:

  • Best description without sounding too snooty: “Atmospheric Thriller”
  • Running time: 25 min
  • Screenplay already completed
  • Primary Locations selected


What we have to do to get the ball rolling:

  1. Assemble Cast and Crew for trailer
  2. Trailer script, shot sheet/storyboard, production design
  3. Shoot 2 minute Trailer
  4. Put together Kickstarter project- Project Pitch, “About Us” info/video and Teaser Trailer, Reward/Swag levels, FAQ’s
  5. Watch the money come falling from the sky like RAIN. Swimmin’ in Fifties, I tell ya!


Once funded (see, wasn’t that easy? And you with all the “I don’t know, that’s a lot of money to be asking for…” Couldn’t you just give it a REST for once, Eeyore?):

  1. Auditions/casting for Feature Actors in Sept/early October- may have to widen search to larger cities (orlando, atl, etc)
  2. Permits, Equipment, Props, Craft Services ( a.k.a. “food”)
  3. Shooting in Tallahassee/ North Florida area Mid October through early December
  4. Post-production early winter
  5. Tentative release Feb/March 2014
  6. Fortune and Glory, Kid, Fortune and Glory.